Help fund cloud forest research in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Researchers studying the cloud forests of Monteverde are looking to purchase equipment that will help them document the amount of cloud cover that surrounds the forests throughout the year.  One of the main goals of the project is to document how climate change is affecting clouds in this mountainous region, something that requires solid, year-round data to address.  Clouds are an essential feature of this incredible tropical ecosystem, so climate change will likely have an impact on forests through its effects on atmospheric moisture.

The sensor costs $1500 — a “small-ish” request as a far as scientific research goes — and they’ve decided to try and get funded from supportive online donors.  Take a look at their short video explanation:

I have to say that this is a really interesting way to try and fund science research.  Thanks to the connectedness that comes from online networks and tools, projects like this can get funded if there are enough people who want to pitch in.  Interesting approach … kind of like a Kickstarter project.

Greg Goldsmith narrates the video and leads the effort.  I met him during my recent trip to Costa Rica and he’s doing some really cool research … see my earlier post on cloud forest and epiphytes.  I’ll personally stand behind him and the work that he’s doing.

Interested?  You can get more information on the project and contribute on the Rockethub site: Watching Clouds in the Forest