The New Year (and back to Costa Rica soon)

Graciedog pose

The New Year is approaching and I’m looking backward and forward at the same time.  It’s been an incredible year … probably one of the most life-changing that I’ve had.  The biggest event is that two amazing kids have joined our family and so my day-to-day life, attention, and motivations have shifted dramatically.  When I started this blog last January (almost one year ago) and gave it the title “This Changing Life” I couldn’t have predicted that it would turn out to mean as much about my life as the science that I wanted to write about.  On top of all this, the six weeks that I spent in Costa Rica last spring for my sabbatical seems like it happened a decade ago.  But I’m itching to get back …

Which bring me to the other thing that I’m preparing for … traveling again with a group of students from Westfield State University to Costa Rica for a two-week course.  We leave this Friday.  If you want to follow along, I started a Tumblr blog: WSU in Costa Rica where I’ll be posting photos and stories of our trip there.  I’ve already started posting photos from past trips.

What will the coming year bring?  No one ever knows until it happens.  We all have hunches.

I hope yours is amazing.