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The golden age of species exploration could be now

Quentin Wheeler writes a nice piece for National Geographic on why we should spend the money and effort to discover Earth’s species — before it’s too late. If we play our cards right, the 21st century will be remembered as … Continue reading

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Some positive trends in documenting life on Earth

The world’s smallest vertebrate (Paedophryne amanuensis) was one of the new species described last year — out of an estimated 18,000. Recently, a student in my environmental legislation class approached me and asked a really good question: “Doesn’t teaching about … Continue reading

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Globalization is leading to greater biodiversity … in many regions, temporarily.

Most headlines about biodiversity follow the same storylines:  Species are going extinct at an incredible rate.   We are in the middle of the Earth’s sixth extinction event.  The number of endangered species keeps growing because of habitat loss and … Continue reading

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Can we discuss environmental changes without being so gloomy?

I have to admit that I have a difficult time figuring out what to write on this blog without being so gloomy.  My intention is to write about “big changes” happening in the environment, because they are fascinating and I … Continue reading

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Steps toward successful reforestation

One thing is certain … we got a lot of work done! I’m just getting back into life in Massachusetts after returning from Costa Rica last week.  I’m particularly happy with the way that the reforestation work ended.   We managed … Continue reading

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Hot day of fieldwork with the birds

Yesterday I spent most of the day looking at birds with Ricardo.  Over the past two weeks we’ve been visiting different life zones starting from the highest point in Monteverde and working our way down toward the Pacific Coast.  We’ll … Continue reading

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Where do all the trees for reforestation come from?

It takes a lot of trees to turn an old pasture into a forest.  Over the past week I’ve been visiting a bunch of sites where trees like the ones above have been planted.  These are all native tree species … Continue reading

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