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Some positive trends in documenting life on Earth

The world’s smallest vertebrate (Paedophryne amanuensis) was one of the new species described last year — out of an estimated 18,000. Recently, a student in my environmental legislation class approached me and asked a really good question: “Doesn’t teaching about … Continue reading

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Moth quietly meets demise by fungus

Creepy, fascinating, and just plain “wow-inspiring”, fungi that can control the behavior of insects are an incredible story from the files of evolution.  This moth likely met the end of its life at the hand (or mycelium?) of a Cordyceps … Continue reading

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How birds are like islands (for lice)

Researchers document a new example of convergent evolution in bird lice. In terms of evolution, islands are special.  The Galapagos Islands played a central role in the development of Darwin’s ideas on natural selection.  Alfred Wallace found the same inspiration … Continue reading

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Scorpions and the benefits of glowing

It seems that it’s scorpion season here in Costa Rica.  I found this one outside my cabin one evening recently … and then cleared out two more from inside.  They tell me that it’s pretty common to come across them … Continue reading

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