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Tiny insect continues to take down hemlock forests across eastern US

Alternate blog title: When is it time to give up on one of your favorite species? Hemlock trees in eastern North America have been hit hard by a non-native insect, the hemlock woolly adegid. I’m fond of hemlock trees and … Continue reading

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Globalization is leading to greater biodiversity … in many regions, temporarily.

Most headlines about biodiversity follow the same storylines:  Species are going extinct at an incredible rate.   We are in the middle of the Earth’s sixth extinction event.  The number of endangered species keeps growing because of habitat loss and … Continue reading

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Hard times for big trees

Are “Big Trees” on the decline around the world? That’s the case that William Laurance makes in “Big trees in trouble: how the mighty are fallen” in a recent issue of the New Scientist. He summarizes findings of scientific studies … Continue reading

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