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Some positive trends in documenting life on Earth

The world’s smallest vertebrate (Paedophryne amanuensis) was one of the new species described last year — out of an estimated 18,000. Recently, a student in my environmental legislation class approached me and asked a really good question: “Doesn’t teaching about … Continue reading

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Moth quietly meets demise by fungus

Creepy, fascinating, and just plain “wow-inspiring”, fungi that can control the behavior of insects are an incredible story from the files of evolution.  This moth likely met the end of its life at the hand (or mycelium?) of a Cordyceps … Continue reading

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Tiny insect continues to take down hemlock forests across eastern US

Alternate blog title: When is it time to give up on one of your favorite species? Hemlock trees in eastern North America have been hit hard by a non-native insect, the hemlock woolly adegid. I’m fond of hemlock trees and … Continue reading

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Will nature inspire us on the Internet too?

Many of my nature-oriented friends and colleagues have some kind of story to tell about their close ties with the outdoors when they were growing up.  Sometimes when we get together we all moan about how “children these days” don’t … Continue reading

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Steps toward successful reforestation

One thing is certain … we got a lot of work done! I’m just getting back into life in Massachusetts after returning from Costa Rica last week.  I’m particularly happy with the way that the reforestation work ended.   We managed … Continue reading

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Cloud forests and epiphytes

You know you’re in a cloud forest when most of the trees around you are covered with epiphytes.  A single tree may have literally dozens of different species of plants growing on it, and it’s exactly this kind of “packing” … Continue reading

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Biodiversity – Costa Rica v. The World

Costa Rica is known around the world for its biodiversity.  It’s one of the main reasons why people travel so far to visit the country.  We like to visit areas with amazing natural beauty, especially if there is an opportunity … Continue reading

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